MODEL HAIR: Kelley Ash for Foam Magazine

I always get the sudden urge to wear bangs but rather than cut my hair I satiate my blood-lust by looking at editorials. Kelley Ash wears a bohemian-inspired look in “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” 

Her hair is so beautiful I forget to look at the clothing. The bangs are thick, bold and I want them, I do. But I’ll settle for photos, for now. Definite hair lust.

If loving bangs is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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Assaulted, robbed, killed for HAIR EXTENSIONS? I’m truly at a loss here.

There has been a steady increase in thefts, burglaries, assaults and even death all in the name of expensive Remy hair extensions. Thieves are bypassing flat screen TVs, cash registers and safes to outsmart motion detectors from top of the line security systems all to get to the hair weave stocked in stores and salons. Store owners are installing bullet proof glass, steel security bars and security guards all in the name of keeping their merchandise safe. So my question is, WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO? In what level of Dante’s inferno has it become ok to assault or kill someone over fake hair?

Stolen hair is being sold to people on the street out of car trunks, to stylists who work out of their homes and to the same types of beauty salons and supply shops that are being robbed often for a quarter of the retail cost (and sometimes less).

I overheard someone say “It’s just a sign of the times. With more profit comes more violence.” Hold on, I need to wipe the vomit off the floor and splash my face with cold water as I’m truly unable to process this information.

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MODEL HAIR: Henrietta Hellberg for Rodeo Magazine

Oh Henrietta, if we wore the same size in clothing I’d totally take that leather jacket from you ’cause I need that leather jacket. Her hair looks so smooth, so light and so silky. She should hire someone to hold a working fan and walk with her at all times because the windblown look really becomes her.

Gosh I love model hair. What does that mean? It means I’m aware it takes work to achieve the image we see in editorials. No one just wakes up and looks like this (unless you’re a toddler. Children wake up looking like perfection even with messy hair.) We don’t have to look this perfect every second of every day but if we choose to we can. 😉

Talk about hair inspiration!

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Going natural for dandruff

Going natural for dandruff? What on earth does that mean?

I receive lots of questions about dandruff and how to treat it and if you’ve gone through this site you’ll see I’ve addressed this problem a few times simply because what works for one may not work for another. So, aside from dandruff shampoos or the occasional aspirin fix as a scalp scrub or addition to your regular shampoo, what else can be done? Go natural!

One natural, but stinky, remedy is vinegar. Yes, believe it or not, vinegar helps relieve the itchy and flaky scalps normally associated with dandruff. Vinegar helps blood circulation near the surface of your skin. It’s also effective at fighting bacteria, viruses and yeast – common causes of dandruff.

Using vinegar is simple and it won’t break your piggy bank but you’re probably asking what kind of vinegar is best for this? White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the most popular types used to fight dandruff. Avoid balsamic vinegar at all costs.

 THE HOW: Mix a small amount of vinegar with warm water. The general rule is to  add just enough vinegar to change the color of the water but more vinegar if your dandruff is severe. Take this mixture and gently rub the solution onto your scalp using the soft balls of your fingertips with a gentle circular massaging motion. Rubbing too hard or scratching can lead to scalp pain and damage.

Option 1: Let the vinegar sit on your scalp no less than 15 minutes before washing it out.

Option 2: Leave the solution on overnight. Wrap your head with a towel to prevent over evaporation and to keep your pillow dry. Rinse in the morning. You can follow up by using a mild medicated shampoo.

 THE HOW: Make a vinegar rinse. Everyone has their own recipe but in order to keep your solution at safe levels, never mix water and vinegar at a 1 to 1 ratio. This means do not use 1 cup of water with 1 cup of vinegar as your rinse. 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 ratios are best. Don’t get glassy-eyed and wonder off. It’s not hard. 4 tablespoons  – ½ cup of vinegar for one cup of water is the way to go.

Option 1: Use the solution as a final rinse after your shampoo and conditioner. Wait a few minutes then rinse with slightly warm to cold water.

Option 2: Use the solution as a final rinse but don’t rinse out.

Vinegar treatments can offer immediate dandruff relief. In order to see more lasting results, commit yourself to daily vinegar treatments (or every other day). Use mild shampoos or dilute your regular shampoo.

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MODEL HAIR: Georgie Badiel & Melodie Monrose

Oh wow. If you’re not hearing music (like I am) then we must not be looking at the same photo. These curls look so soft and full. I realize they’re manufactured (by Dante Blandshaw – great work by the way) but I’m still crushing on them.

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MODEL HAIR: Andressa Fontana and So Young Kang in “ Tropico Urbano”

Total hair lust is what I was feeling when I saw this editorial. Brazilian models (Andressa Fontana) and Korean models (So Young Kang) with lush coily hair? – I die. They look absolutely amazing!

If I felt my coily hair was easier to manage, I would be natural just to look like this and I’m totally serious.

Hair inspiration can come from looking at and experiencing all types of hair.

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Tress Management Tip: Dry Ends

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You’re probably looking at the photo like “Whaaaat? Is that honey?” It sure is honey! Believe it or not, honey is a wonderful and effective product to use your dry ends. Why? Well, because it’s a humectant – translation, it … Continue reading

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