Bombshell eyebrow makeover

When I saw these photos it took me a couple of seconds to even realize who I was looking at…



Pamela Anderson.

HD Brows…let’s repeat that, HD Brows – (tire screech) I’m sorry to interrupt once again but let me holler it to the heavens. (Clears throat then puckers) HD Brows! gave her a much needed and a seriously welcomed eyebrow makeover and dare I say she looks soft and lovely? Her Baywatch brows aged her in the worst way and I realize she doesn’t know me from Eve or care about my two cents but I’m giving it anyway. Everyone rise and give HD Brows a round of applause. The eyebrow transformation alone makes her look young and fresh.


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Model Hair: Sui He

So this is what silky shiny hair looks like?

Sui He for Allure Magazine US December 2012

Sui He in “Life of the Party” for Allure December 2012
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Paul Cavaco
Hair: Orlando Pita
Makeup: Dotti

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Christina Hendricks: lash life

There are about 6 photos including the cover page for Christina Hendricks in the May issue of Flare magazine. Call me crazy but I won’t be bothering with the entire shoot because the only photo that matters is this one.


Oh my word! Are you staring at the lashes, brows and eyeliner? Are you?! Forget the hair on her head. Why? Cause no one is impressed and by no one I mean ME. While I’ll admit her eyebrows are a bit on the slim side (no judgement here) the eyelashes and eyeliner make her face look amaaaaazing. Wow, these lashes! The brand? Sigh. I wish I knew.

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New Pinterest Board: Brows & Lashes

Been absent for far too long so I just added a new board on Pinterest: .

Makeup & Photo by EasyNeon

Makeup & Photo by EasyNeon

Eyebrows, I’m great at. Lashes, eh…I’m still learning.

Just check out the board.

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Megan Fox by Sante D’Orazio

I wanted to post this before (but we won’t get into that). Sante d’Orazio photographs Megan Fox for the February 2013 issue of Esquire US  magazine and I am so in love with the hair in this editorial. Definitely a case of hair lustMegan Fox photographed by Sante D’Orazio poses for Esquire US  magazine February 2013 5

Let’s face it! We look at her long mane in these photos and make ourselves believe she rolled out of bed looking this fabulous. Ugh wait. We are talking about “The Fox” so it’s absolutely possible she could look like this after a few seconds of hair fluffing in the morning (and that’s just not fair) but even with this injustice, we can easily re-create this look (the hair I mean).

While most of us would reach for a flat iron (or curling iron), my common sense tells me to do a twistout-bantu knot mix on previously straightened dry hair. If I were to do this look (and I plan to wear THIS look), I would start all of my twists about three to four inches from the scalp making sure to vary the width of hair for each braid and changing how tight or loosely I braid. Hmmmm…this might call for a tutorial. A little conditioner beforehand and maybe a little mousse will surely enhance the shapes the braids create in the hair.

Megan Fox photographed by Sante D’Orazio poses for Esquire US  magazine February 2013 3

Megan Fox photographed by Sante D’Orazio poses for Esquire US  magazine February 2013 2

Air dry or blowdry on cool then add a little serum or coconut oil after separating and this look is all yours.

Megan Fox photographed by Sante D’Orazio poses for Esquire US  magazine February 2013

Megan Fox photographed by Sante D’Orazio poses for Esquire US  magazine February 2013 4

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MODEL HAIR: Magdalena Frackowiak for Vogue Germany

Hair lust. I can’t believe this is my first post for 2012. Broken laptops hurt my feelings. I’ve been dying to post these photos and I realize I’m a little late but here they are. Magdalena Frackowiak in “Wild Waves” for Vogue Germany. There’s no need to type anything else. Just drool over the hair.

Photography by Ben Hassett

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New faces: Irene Laplana

Hair crush alert!

Meet fresh face, Irene Laplana. Yes, she has my name. Am I biased and do I love her more because of it? Maybe – ok a little, but why does that even matter? I’m addicted to looking at beautiful hair (*) and this new Spanish model has a head full of it.  Irene was was scouted in Barcelona by Julio from F Unique Management but so far she hasn’t been signed outside of Spain. I just hope to see more of her and her gorgeous mane.

* It’s called equal opportunity hair lust.

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Full Name: Irene Laplana



Height:180cm / 5′11″

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MODEL HAIR: Kelley Ash for Foam Magazine

I always get the sudden urge to wear bangs but rather than cut my hair I satiate my blood-lust by looking at editorials. Kelley Ash wears a bohemian-inspired look in “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” 

Her hair is so beautiful I forget to look at the clothing. The bangs are thick, bold and I want them, I do. But I’ll settle for photos, for now. Definite hair lust.

If loving bangs is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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Assaulted, robbed, killed for HAIR EXTENSIONS? I’m truly at a loss here.

There has been a steady increase in thefts, burglaries, assaults and even death all in the name of expensive Remy hair extensions. Thieves are bypassing flat screen TVs, cash registers and safes to outsmart motion detectors from top of the line security systems all to get to the hair weave stocked in stores and salons. Store owners are installing bullet proof glass, steel security bars and security guards all in the name of keeping their merchandise safe. So my question is, WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO? In what level of Dante’s inferno has it become ok to assault or kill someone over fake hair?

Stolen hair is being sold to people on the street out of car trunks, to stylists who work out of their homes and to the same types of beauty salons and supply shops that are being robbed often for a quarter of the retail cost (and sometimes less).

I overheard someone say “It’s just a sign of the times. With more profit comes more violence.” Hold on, I need to wipe the vomit off the floor and splash my face with cold water as I’m truly unable to process this information.

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MODEL HAIR: Henrietta Hellberg for Rodeo Magazine

Oh Henrietta, if we wore the same size in clothing I’d totally take that leather jacket from you ’cause I need that leather jacket. Her hair looks so smooth, so light and so silky. She should hire someone to hold a working fan and walk with her at all times because the windblown look really becomes her.

Gosh I love model hair. What does that mean? It means I’m aware it takes work to achieve the image we see in editorials. No one just wakes up and looks like this (unless you’re a toddler. Children wake up looking like perfection even with messy hair.) We don’t have to look this perfect every second of every day but if we choose to we can. 😉

Talk about hair inspiration!

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