New faces: Irene Laplana

Hair crush alert!

Meet fresh face, Irene Laplana. Yes, she has my name. Am I biased and do I love her more because of it? Maybe – ok a little, but why does that even matter? I’m addicted to looking at beautiful hair (*) and this new Spanish model has a head full of it.  Irene was was scouted in Barcelona by Julio from F Unique Management but so far she hasn’t been signed outside of Spain. I just hope to see more of her and her gorgeous mane.

* It’s called equal opportunity hair lust.

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Full Name: Irene Laplana



Height:180cm / 5′11″

About Irene

I'm just a regular person who figured out what I wanted for my hair and made it happen. ...Still a work in progess. Je suis une femme qui rêvait d'avoir les cheveux longs et maintenant je les ai. Nous pouvons tous avoir la même chose.
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