Tress Management Tip: Brushes

If your goal is: 1) to improve the condition of your hair and/or 2) to grow your hair and you have

——–> Naturally straight thin hair

——–> Relaxed hair

Here’s the first crazy thing you need to do – THROW OUT YOUR HAIR BRUSH.

You read that correctly. Why?

Because brushing your hair is like

getting a mini-haircut every time

you use it on your hair.

Yes, throw it out and don’t look back.

Yes, those hair brushes too. No, you don’t have to throw out your heirloom hairbrushes your grandmother gave you. Gosh, I’m not heartless; put them in storage. Don’t go back into your trash to dig for it and don’t hide one or two of them around the house just in case. Let it go. It’s easier than it sounds but it’s not so difficult to live without a hair brush. You won’t end up hurling yourself out of a window because of it. As time goes by you’ll realize “It’s not that serious. I don’t need it to survive.”

Didn’t I just say NO hair brushes?

If your goal is: 1) to improve the condition of your hair and/or 2) to grow your hair and you have

——–> Naturally coily hair

——–> Naturally straight medium to thick hair

You can use a hairbrush but limit how often you use it. The best one to use is a Denman brush with nylon pins.

If only I were paid to say this. A Denman will be less damaging than other hair brushes and always remember to be gentle. Just because this type of brush is less damaging to your hair, compared to other brushes, it doesn’t give you carte blanche to go crazy. Never brush your hair mindlessly. Always have a purpose.

About Irene

I'm just a regular person who figured out what I wanted for my hair and made it happen. ...Still a work in progess. Je suis une femme qui rêvait d'avoir les cheveux longs et maintenant je les ai. Nous pouvons tous avoir la même chose.
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