Growing Pains?

Hmmm…judging from the frustration I see in your face I’m guessing you’re having hair issues? Ah I see. So, you want to grow your hair.

One of the most difficult steps in growing your hair is the first step, making a firm commitment. Difficult? I realize this sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Too many of us have started taking care of our hair only to give up a month or two later.

There’s always some excuse that seems fitting at the time: the hair products don’t work, the hair pills are duds, the vitamins aren’t working fast enough, etc. As much as we’d like to grow 6 inches of hair within a month’s time it’s just not realistic (though a beautiful fantasy indeed). If we don’t see evidence of hair growth within a short period, we give up and lay the blame elsewhere.

Seriously – stop pulling your hair out and continue reading.

Here’s the elephant in the room that everyone is blind to until they’re told to look for it. Ready? Your hair is growing right now. It was growing yesterday. It was growing two months ago and it will be growing tomorrow. Ok. Can you see the elephant now? Sort of? Now look down to the next paragraph.

Ok there you are – hello again. Since your hair is growing (yes, right now) the trick is not necessarily HOW DO I MAKE MY HAIR GROW, the trick is HOW DO I KEEP THE HAIR I’M GROWING ATTACHED TO MY HEAD? Ok, can you see it now?

Aha! It’s the elephant! Unh huh, right there. Yes, huge. Yes, I know. How could you NOT see it before – I knoooooow.

In order to answer the question HOW DO I GROW MY HAIR, you have to ask and answer the question How do I keep the hair I’m gowing ON MY HEAD

With HAIR THERAPY? Yes, but not in the way you’re probably thinking right now. Remember my first post? Well I go back to that anyway. Here’s a snippet: Simply, the problem with your hair (most likely) isn’t the products you’re using, it’s you. In order to make improvements you need to rehabilitate your mind, the way you think about hair and the way you care for your hair. How you handle your hair determines how your hair turns out. That’s hair therapy.

You determine whether or not you (or anyone else for that matter) can see a definite progression in your hair growth. I’m so happy we’re clear about this now.

About Irene

I'm just a regular person who figured out what I wanted for my hair and made it happen. ...Still a work in progess. Je suis une femme qui rêvait d'avoir les cheveux longs et maintenant je les ai. Nous pouvons tous avoir la même chose.
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