Detangling Part 2:fairy knots, single-strand knots

Detangling your hair sometimes isn’t as simple as using a comb or brush to get the knots out. Just when you think you’ve detangled a mass of knots in your hair, the super-knot appears. It’s a misconception that you automatically have to resort to cutting those strands afflicted with the dreaded super-knot in order to get rid of them. This tutorial shows you how to easily (and painlessly!) detangle even the smallest of knots.

About Irene

I'm just a regular person who figured out what I wanted for my hair and made it happen. ...Still a work in progess. Je suis une femme qui rêvait d'avoir les cheveux longs et maintenant je les ai. Nous pouvons tous avoir la même chose.
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2 Responses to Detangling Part 2:fairy knots, single-strand knots

  1. CornStar96 says:

    Is there a way to prevent the knots from forming in the first place?

    • Irene says:

      In short…no :-(. I know. Hair that is wavy and beyond is more likely to form single strand knots. If you see a knot forming it’s wise to undo it before a strand sits in a knot for too long. The longer a single strand knot remains the more damage the knot inflicts to the cuticles. So once you undo a knot that’s been around for a while you may notice the area that was knotted is more fragile, possibly bent or it may look torn (frayed). If you undo a single strand knot and notice this then it’s best to cut right above the spot because science has yet to create a product to repair torn (frayed) hair.

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