Tress Management Tip: Styling

Styling curly and coily hair doesn’t come easy to everyone. Most of us tend to believe it takes the right products to style our hair exactly the way we want it. This is true and false. Good styling products are essential but styling curly and coily hair has more to do with “when” than “with what”. Hunh?

Most of us style our hair when it’s dry but here’s something that’s vital to styling curly and coily hair; styling begins in the shower when hair is wet and drenched with conditioner. Conditioner helps prevent breakage and if you didn’t already know, curly/coily hair is fragile. Once hair is detangled in the shower, curls can be created using your fingers or the hair can be twisted or braided.

If you’re an avid gel user, always use gel once out of the shower. Make sure it’s alcohol-free. Many gels now contain silicone so check the labels for this ingredient and try to avoid it. Scrunch a small amount of gel into soaking wet hair in order to lock in the hair’s natural curl then LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE until it dries. The curls will be smooth and defined and guess what, no frizz.

About Irene

I'm just a regular person who figured out what I wanted for my hair and made it happen. ...Still a work in progess. Je suis une femme qui rêvait d'avoir les cheveux longs et maintenant je les ai. Nous pouvons tous avoir la même chose.
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